Low Latency Multi-region Cloud Collaboration

Our client is the production arm of an international advertising network. They are one of the largest adaptation, versioning, translation and production companies in the world. They work with household brand names as clients, operating globally across multiple regions.


With tens of studios spread across the globe, it is no longer an option for our client’s creative studios to work in silos. Support Partners was approached to help improve global creative collaboration – specifically around real-time reviewing of projects across multiple continents. Solutions such as Teamviewer and GoToMeeting have huge latency, making real-time collaboration almost impossible; and solutions such as Wipster and Frame.IO, whilst perfect for certain types of collaboration, still require a lot of back and forth communication.

The specific use case was centred around the creative talent in this agency being located in New York and the producer being located in Los Angeles. Our client required low-latency, frame-accurate, local representation of the content with Audio and Video in synchronisation.


When considering global collaboration, the only way to achieve true, low-latency, local representation is by architecting the solution in the cloud.

The first challenge was to ensure seamless integration from on-premise edit stations to the cloud-based Virtual Machines (VMs). Using Adobe Team Project we were able to create a workflow that synced the on-premise Premiere projects to a cloud instance of Adobe Premiere. To improve performance and allow a less powerful VM to be used, only proxies were generated to the cloud.

The Virtual Machine hosts a custom network device interface (NDI) transfer application which takes an NDI signal from Premiere and securely transfers it via a peer-to-peer connection to another NDI transfer application on a machine in Los Angeles. The NDI signal is then converted to serial digital interface (SDI) using a BirdDog NDI converter. This signal is then passed to a broadcast monitor for low-latency review and approval at 1080p screen resolution.

To reduce egress costs the NDI transfer application only sends data when the non-linear editor (NLE) is playing the media, saving costs on outgoing bandwidth.

Technology used

Azure Nv6 Virtual Machines

The NV-series virtual machines are powered by NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPUs and NVIDIA GRID technology for desktop accelerated applications and virtual desktops. Users are able to visualize their graphics intensive workflows on the NV instances to get superior graphics capability and additionally run single precision workloads such as encoding and rendering.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing app developed by Adobe Systems and published as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing program.

NDI Streaming Protocol

Remote Monitor Server downlinks the canvas output from your Premiere or MediaComposer system and delivers it to the Remote Monitor client on your remote desktop computer. A dedicated monitor window provides you with instant high quality and very low latency video, and a local NDI Stream is also generated – to feed out to an SDI output if required.

BirdDog NDI Convertor

The BirdDog Studio SDI/HDMI to NDI Converter takes HDMI or HD-SDI signals and converts them live to NDI . It supports plug-and-play operation and can be powered via AC, DC, or Ethernet (PoE). The converter can be implemented on a device and external tally displays.

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