Having to leave Premiere Pro in the middle of an edit can really disrupt the creative process. In fact, The New York Times has reported that it can take 25 minutes to get back on track after every interruption. Integrated panels and plug-ins bring the power of bespoke third-party applications directly into the editing process, allowing users to creatively enhance their edits from a single interface without interrupting their flow. One of the most common mid-edit distractions is searching for files, whether in your own system or on stock image websites.

Find your media

Typically, users find media in two ways; manually browsing the file systems or opening up an asset management tool. If the media asset management system is separate, the editor has to download the media, move it to a local drive and, finally, import it into the NLE. This process takes time and often results in media duplication.

Embedding the Asset Management system within Premiere Pro streamlines this process significantly, enabling users to search, preview, and drag the media from the asset management system directly onto the Premiere Pro Timeline. According to Interact Source, 19.8% of business time is spent searching for files. Removing this obstacle frees up invaluable time in the edit.

Cantemo Iconik provides access to media which can be dragged onto the Timeline in Premiere Pro.

Access more assets

Even with access to production rushes and an archive, editors might not have all the footage they need. This is where Adobe Stock comes in. Unlike other stock content sites, Adobe Stock is accessible within the Adobe applications. It allows users to search over 90 million stock images, videos, and graphics (including Mogrts) to help complete their vision. A study commissioned by Adobe shows that with traditional stock content sites, it can take more than 3 minutes, from finding a video to getting it onto the timeline. Comparatively, this process takes just 16 seconds in Adobe Stock. It is worth noting that you don’t have to license Adobe Stock footage to use it: save the watermarked preview footage to Creative Cloud and then import into your timeline. When the footage has been approved, click download and the licensed version of the clip replaces the preview, with all adjustments preserved.

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