Case Studies

Microsoft Teams and Azure enable Global Asset Management

Microsoft Teams customisation, utilising Azure cognitive services and Bot frameworks to enable the search and retrieving of media assets.

Mass Data Migration from Egnyte to Microsoft

Mass data analysis and a custom rules-based engine enabled a global advertising agency to migrate 100 million assets to Microsoft, saving hundreds of thousands in renewal and consumption costs.

South African Agency Ginkgo Migrate Archive to the Cloud

With an archive of iconic and visually rich content, our client looked to Support Partners to create an accessible, enriched resource available around the globe.

Enabling Remote Working for Comic Relief

Transfer and synchronisation workflow to enable remote editing and collaboration during COVID-19 pandemic.

Serverless sports clip creation

Event-based cloud workflow to fully automate the editing and publishing of sports clips for an International news organisations.

Cloud-based Automated Advert Versioning

Design and deployment of a cloud-based versioning solution for the automated creation of over 300 adverts per week for a lead global car brand.

Scalable Cloud Render farm

Automated splitting and distribution of 15K images to a scalable cloud-render farm in Azure – bringing rendering time down from 72 hours to 22 mins.

VFX creation in the cloud

Deployment of GPU optimised Virtual Machines, moving VFX production at a large Advertising Agency to the cloud, replacing expensive hardware with cost effective zero clients.

Low-latency multi-region collaboration

‘Over-the-shoulder’ workflow, enabling low-latency output of an East-US datacenter hosted Premiere Pro project to a Broadcast monitor in Los Angeles, for real time review and approve.

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