Support Partners and Adobe have been working in a close partnership for a long-time, in fact, it was in 2013 when we started migrating our clients from FCP7 to Premiere. As of today, we provide first, second and third line support for thousands of seats of Adobe Creative Cloud and the associated production infrastructure (storage, servers, networking, device management) globally. Each environment is unique, yet each environment continues to accelerate its media production year on year without massive expenditure.

In this blog, we will explore why Support Partners and our clients continue to invest in Adobe Creative Cloud and how it is helping us to innovate through the creation of best of breed production environments.

Increase Content Velocity

Regionalisation, personalisation and the ever-increasing number of delivery end-points means businesses are having to create more and more bespoke versions of individual assets. Couple this with the pressure to quickly deliver content to users to meet trends, be on-topic and be found amongst a sea of noise and you end up in a position where a hundred, bespoke personalised assets need to be created for each campaign.

To compound this problem, creatives are having to meet these needs with little to no additional resources, this is where Adobe comes in, over the last several years they have been consistently innovating to help automate and accelerate laborious tasks. As an example, Adobe has done a great job of advancing AI in media production with Sensei, delivering new features to help automate time-consuming tasks such as Auto-Ducking, Auto-Reframing and Auto-Retouching to name a few, all of which have had a huge impact on promo, advertising and reversioning workflows.

As a kit of parts, Adobe allows us as a system integrator to get really creative when it comes to automating workflows, whether that’s driving the automated generation of graphics for versioning or deploying intelligent render farms. With a bit of creativity and engineering, Adobe CC can be tailored in a way that helps meet and exceed content demand.

Create an Agile, Scalable and Flexible Production Environment

Long gone are the days when businesses could build production environments around static monolithic applications. We have seen first hand how the wrong investment can result in a technology debt that is hard to get out of. We now see a trend of clients investing in best of breed environments that are agile and flexible enough to deal with unknown future challenges rather than be beholden to legacy systems. Adobe CC allows us as system integrators to deploy the right infrastructure and workflows tailored to the businesses needs and budget which is flexible and manoeuvrable in the face of changing requirements, objectives and deliverables.

Increase Collaboration

Content is global. The need to collaborate outside of traditional infrastructure is massive. It was important before COVID-19 and it is even more vital now. Whether an agency, studio, broadcaster or publisher, the need to collaborate on projects regardless of physical location is now business-critical. Luckily Adobe has been pioneering collaborative workflows for years and the latest offerings exemplify that – Team Projects and Production are streamlined solutions designed for collaborative working regardless of location.

As an example of how Support Partners utilises these new Adobe features, we have recently used Team Projects as the central component for a hybrid-cloud workflow for a major sports brand, allowing editors to be located in LA and NY and, for the first time and to great effect, simultaneously collaborate on joint projects. This is a game-changer for sports broadcasting where there are multiple sources of content being edited and broadcast live via TV, online and social channels.

Another great example is one of our news broadcasting clients utilises multiple Adobe applications to enable collaboration across departments. Whether it’s the design department providing journalists with graphics, or the marketing department providing editors with Photoshop files which they can composite, or journalists rough-cutting stories in Rush before delivering to the editors, the use of the Adobe Suite of products unlocks creativity and ensures the quick delivery of professional content.

When we evaluate the value of the Adobe toolset, the holistic approach to creativity right across an organisation is really what sets it apart, and working in close partnership allows Support Partners to deliver bespoke, flexible deployments of Adobe Creative Cloud, ensuring the maximum return on investment for our clients.

If you are interested in unlocking additional value from your Adobe investment or interested in seeing how it would be deployed in your environment feel free to get in touch with Support Partners on