Actionable Insights: A Guide to Data-Driven Production

Media has more data points that any other industry. Turning that data into insights can be difficult and costly. In this white paper we explore the steps that need to be taken to enable data-driven media production.

“Worldwide spending on public cloud services alone will from from nearly $70 billion in 2015 to $141 billion in 2019” IDC



The move from on-prem ‘tin’ to the cloud has undoubtedly brought with it a number of advantages. The ability to dynamically spin-up infrastructure, reduce capital spend and migrate to a DevOps approach to application deployment has changed how all businesses operate.

However, the unexpected costs associated with migrating, storing and accessing data in the cloud has resulted in businesses becoming cloud adverse. This is down to mindset, moving infrastructure to the cloud will not immediately bring tangible benefits. It takes a whole change in how businesses view production and business value to avoid failed transformations. With many businesses already in the middle of their digital journey, the pitfalls of a ‘lift and shift’ approach are becoming apparent. The business who do not have access to their data is now starting to get unexpected bills and are struggling to justify the migration to finance.

Never before has it been so essential to have real-time access to operational data. However, with more data points than ever, how do you ensure that you create a data story that is not only going to give an objective overview but bring insights into how businesses can operate effectively.

In this white paper, we explore how businesses should approach extracting, understanding and actioning their data for efficient media production.